Intelligent tactile switch

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Standard capacitive touch sensors have many disadvantages. They can not be covered with metal, water can affect their proper functionality, Braille symbols can not be used, etc.
We offer a new, innovative approach in design of tactile switches. Our switch has integrated touch/pressure sensor and all of the necessary components. Each switch is also preprogrammed with the unique software. The switch can operate in a standalone mode and also as a key in a keyboard matrix. When the switch operates in the keyboard mode all switches are connected automatically and the user can read and customize the parameters of each key individually by using only two wires.
The switch operates using patented modified capacitive principle instead of the inductive.

Patent Status
This work is the subject of three granted patent, and we would like to talk to companies interested in developing the commercial opportunity that this represents. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Unique, self-organize keyboard ability
Proportional output as well as digital one
End user can adjust all operating parameters
Only two wire (plus power supply) interface
Wide voltage operating range (2.2 – 5.5V)
Open drain output (24V, 1A)
End user can customize bulid-in LED behavior and color
Shock, Impact and Vibration resistant
Not affected by water, oil or dust
Extended temperature range operation
Operate outdoors in any weather condition
Unaffected by and not a source of electromagnetic radiation
Can be integrated into display bezels or any material structure

Examples of use:
Elevator – switch can be covered with wood
Automotive – high end leather design
Home appliances – metal can be use for front cover
Keyboard – switches are automatically organized into keyboard and any key can be read and customized individually with simple two wire interface


Switch Applications:
ATM / Vending
Decorative Lighting Controls
Faucet / Shower

Food Processing
Industrial & Process Control
Medical / Pharmaceuticals
Underwater Environments

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